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Stick Duel Revenge

Stick Duel Revenge, The Stickman has new, cutting-edge weapons and flying shoes in this special episode. Battle on over 50 distinct levels against a friend or the computer! Each ...

About Stick Duel Revenge

Stick Duel: Revenge - Unleash the Battle Within

Prepare for the ultimate showdown in the electrifying world of Stick Duel: Revenge. With the introduction of flying shoes and an arsenal of advanced weaponry, this special episode takes the Stickman series to new heights. Whether you're ready to go head-to-head with a friend or challenge the CPU, over 50 different levels await your mastery. Each chapter introduces unique variations that add depth and intrigue to every battle. Navigate with precision, evade fire pools, and outsmart traps as you vie for supremacy. In Stick Battle: Revenge, the race to 5 points defines victory.

Player 1: The Lone Warrior

As Player 1, the fate of the duel rests upon your skill and strategy.

  • Move with precision using the "ARROW KEYS."
  • Unleash firepower with the "L" key.
  • Wield your weapon with mastery by pressing "O."

Player 2: The Challenger

Player 2 enters the fray, poised for action.

  • Navigate your stickman using "WASD."
  • Rain down bullets with "F."
  • Toss your weapon into the fight with "R."

Let the Battle Commence

It's time to initiate the duel and witness the clash of Stickmen in Stick Duel: Revenge. Take control of your stickman and employ an arsenal of weapons as you engage in thrilling battles that hinge on quick thinking and precise aim. Your objective is clear: accumulate five scores before your opponent to seize victory.

A New Dimension of Stickman Warfare

This iteration of the Stick Duel series introduces fresh and engaging features that will captivate fans of stickman adventures. As familiar characters from the series, stickmen now pilot planes and engage in combat to conquer variations, whether in 1 Player mode or to best another player in 2 Player mode. But remember, weapons won't be readily available. They'll plummet from the sky at the outset of each battle, and it's a race to secure one and unleash your offensive to claim your first victory. The path to success lies in being the first to accumulate five points.

Battles are far from straightforward. Each presents its own set of obstacles and dangers, from treacherous wheels of doom to rivers of scorching lava. Navigate your vehicle with precision and caution to avoid these hazards and ensure your survival. The road to victory is treacherous, but with skill and strategy, it's yours to conquer.

Features of Stick Duel: Revenge

  • Experience heart-pounding gameplay filled with excitement and fun.
  • Engage in a variety of levels and game modes to keep the excitement flowing.
  • Immerse yourself in captivating graphics and cool effects that bring the battles to life.

How to play Stick Duel Revenge

Using Mouse

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