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Sift Heads Assault: Trilogy

Sift Heads Assault: Trilogy, Here is the story of Sift Heads Assault in its entirety. Learn about the three episodes of this shooter and participate in the assault as one of the elite warriors.

About Sift Heads Assault: Trilogy

Sift Heads Assault: Trilogy - The Ultimate Shooting Experience

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping trilogy like no other - Sift Heads Assault. Dive into the world of elite troops determined to rid the city of criminals. Discover all three episodes of this gripping shooter series, where you take on the role of a relentless member of this special unit, assaulting criminals in various locations across the city.

Episode 1: A City Under Siege

In the first episode of Sift Heads Assault, the city is under siege by a criminal underworld that threatens to engulf it in chaos. As a member of the elite troops, your mission is clear - attack with precision and ferocity. Utilize an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, including pistols, submachine guns, grenades, and even a trusty knife. Survival is the name of the game, and you'll need to strategically use cover provided by the environment to outlast your enemies.

But that's not all; your Stickman hero grows stronger with each encounter. With each victory, you'll amass the resources needed to purchase equipment and unlock new, more potent weapons. Can you prove your mettle and deliver the city from the clutches of the criminal underworld?

Episode 2: Vinnie Strikes Back

As the saga continues in Sift Heads Assault 2, Vinnie, the renowned assassin, is back to assert his dominance. The best in the business, he embarks on a relentless quest to eliminate all enemies in every level. Whether it's through precise long-range shots with a variety of weapons or brutal close combat encounters featuring jaw-dropping kick-ass moves, Vinnie leaves no room for mercy.

This chapter of the trilogy demands unbeatable reaction times and unique gun-handling skills. You must eliminate your adversaries one by one, advancing from one challenging level to the next. Are you ready to embrace the adrenaline-fueled adventure that awaits you? Test your mettle and unleash your inner assassin with Sift Heads Assault 2.

Episode 3: The Ultimate Showdown

In the climactic conclusion, Sift Heads Assault 3, the stakes are higher than ever. Vinnie, the battle-hardened assassin, must assert himself as the undisputed master of his profession. As you face relentless enemies, your reaction time, precision, and combat skills will be pushed to their limits. Each level is a thrilling test of your abilities behind the gun.

Take on your opponents strategically, one by one, and progress through a series of challenging levels. The adventure reaches its zenith in this adrenaline-fueled installment. Are you up for the ultimate showdown?

How to Play

Navigate your character with finesse - use A and D keys to run, W to jump, and AS to roll. Your mouse becomes your weapon, allowing you to aim and shoot. Quickly adapt to the situation by pressing Q to change your weapon and R to reload. Space is your ally for launching attacks.

The entire trilogy is available online and free, ready for you to dive into the action. Experience the relentless pursuit of justice and excitement with Sift Heads Assault. Are you prepared to face the challenge and become the ultimate urban hero? Find out now on!

How to play Sift Heads Assault: Trilogy

Using Mouse

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