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Only Up!

The journey in "Only UP!" is far from over. Exciting updates are on the horizon, including the highly anticipated Night Mode and other major additions.

About Only Up!

Only UP !: Embark on a Skyward Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey in "Only UP!". As you explore a vast world filled with secrets and mysteries, your goal is to go as high as possible, and the real adventure begins above the clouds...

Unveiling a World of Wonders: Soaring to New Heights

In "Only UP!", you'll be transported to a world of boundless possibilities. Set your sights on the sky and ascend to new heights, where mysteries await to be unraveled. Navigate through a captivating landscape, filled with enchanting vistas and hidden surprises, as you strive to conquer the skies and go beyond the realms of ordinary adventures.

The Tale of Anime Girl: A Heartwarming Resolution

A delightful twist unfolds as the beloved Anime Girl finds her way into the game by accident. With the expertise and understanding of the Asset Author Kevin (Aboulicious), a heartwarming resolution is reached. Kevin graciously agrees to create a new waifu for the players, adding to the charm and allure of "Only UP!". It's a testament to the camaraderie and support that exists within the game development community.

Navigating Challenges: The Road to Progress

As with any endeavor, challenges may arise. Novice developers often encounter situations where assets from various sources might unintentionally make their way into a game. The path to ensuring originality and authenticity can be complex, but with the support of understanding colleagues and the diligence of responsible asset usage, developers can navigate the obstacles and deliver a captivating gaming experience.

Celebrating the Contributors: Crediting Creative Minds

The dedication and talent of creators are recognized and celebrated in "Only UP!". All assets in the game are either purchased or licensed for commercial use, with proper attribution to the authors on the home page. It's a testament to the importance of giving credit where it's due and supporting fellow creators in their artistic endeavors.

A Special Elevator for Progress: Catering to Players' Needs

Listening to player feedback, a special elevator has been added to facilitate progress through the levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the journey at their own pace. Whether you're seeking to restore progress or have limited playtime, this thoughtful addition enhances the gameplay experience for all.

A Farewell to Discord Server: Focus on Development

As the game's development primarily rests on the shoulders of a single developer, the Discord server, unfortunately, will be closing soon. However, rest assured that minor updates will continue to be released regularly, keeping the adventure alive and vibrant.

Anticipating the Fall Updates: Night Mode and More

The journey in "Only UP!" is far from over. Exciting updates are on the horizon, including the highly anticipated Night Mode and other major additions. As the fall season approaches, players can look forward to immersing themselves in even more thrilling experiences, expanding the boundaries of the game's enchanting world.

In "Only UP!", the sky is the limit, and the adventure knows no bounds. So, get ready to soar through the clouds, discover hidden wonders, and embrace the spirit of exploration. As you continue your ascent, remember that "Only UP!" offers not just an extraordinary gaming experience, but also a testament to the resilience, collaboration, and passion that define the world of game development. Embrace the journey and relish every moment of this skyward adventure!

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