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Time Shooter

This is a shooting games. In this app you need to shoot the red balls and get the key. The key is needed to open the door. You have to keep shooting the...

About Time Shooter

This is a shooting games. In this app you need to shoot the red balls and get the key. The key is needed to open the door. You have to keep shooting the balls to get them down. The balls keep coming from all sides and you need to keep on shooting till you get to the door. You can shoot the balls from any direction, left, right and from above. This is a single player game and you need to keep playing to get higher scores. You can shoot the balls for more than one time. The key is kept in one of the levels. You need to collect all the keys and unlock the door. You can unlock the door by shooting the balls with exact targets. When you hit the red ball, it will break and you can collect it. You can shoot the green ball to make it disappear. You can also collect the blue balls and get extra points. You can unlock different levels by unlocking new doors. There are three different types of levels, beginner, medium and expert. You need to get good scores to unlock the next level. You can also practice shooting before going for higher levels. You can take help from a virtual coach to get better scores. 

In a world full of uncertainty, it’s important to be able to take control and stay calm in times of trouble. Time shooters are the perfect way to hone your reflexes and hone your reaction time under pressure. Time shooters are a simple concept; a player must race through a level as quickly as possible while also taking into account foes, traps and other nasties that are in their way. As such, the best time shooters will have a few things in common. First and foremost, they must be challenging. Secondly, they must have a level editor so you can make your own levels. Thirdly and most importantly though, they must be challenging in a way that makes you want to come back for more. It is no coincidence that many of the most challenging games on the market today are also time shooters. 

Look out the window, to the right, to the left – where’s that red dot?! What’s coming through the door?! You need to stay alert, be quick on your feet and have nerves of steel! This is shooting time, the time of your life! Test your reflexes, shoot-me-now, fast-thinking, triple-A-grade shooter skills. Get set for a nail-biting shoot ’em up, with this classic-style singleplayer challenge that will have you on the edge of your seat as you shoot-dodge your way through a galloping obstacle course of maniacal baddies, in this arcade-like, fast-paced time

Take control of the Kestrel and become a top-rankingchampion in the most popular sports game, you’ve ever played! You can play as different sportspeople and become the best in your field with our challenging and addicting game. We know how much you love sports, so we created this game with you in mind. With our, you can play single player, multiplayer and enjoy the game with your friends and family.

Shooters, also known as First Person Shooters or FPSs, are games where the player is placed in the role of a person that shoots at other virtual characters in a first-person perspective. In this game genre, the player usually has to shoot other characters in order to win or complete the level. 

How to play Time Shooter

Using Mouse

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