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Super Stickman Duelist

This is the sequel of Stickman vs. The World and it is available for free on Google Play. If you enjoyed the first game, you’ll love this one! It features...

About Super Stickman Duelist

 If you enjoyed the first game, you’ll love this one! It features all new levels, characters, and bosses with fun mini-games at the end of each chapter. You don’t have to finish all the levels in a chapter to earn points but you do need to advance through them to get to the next one. As usual, the game has lots of different playable characters with unique skills and powers. You can even compete against your friends or other players from around the world in online stickman duels! You are a stickman who dreams of being a real swordsman like his idol, Ryu Hayabusa. One day he finds out that he has incredible psychic powers and can fight enemies with his mind! Can he become a true ninja? Find out in this exciting adventure game where you will face challenges with different weapons such as swords, boomerangs, wrenches or even guns. Each character has their own unique fighting style which you can master in this challenge mode by practicing against various AI or human players. This time around there are also challenging stages that require more strategy than your typical beat ‘em up gameplay. 

Play the ultimate stickman fighting game! The most insane stickman fighting game ever created. In this fast-paced, real-time strategy attack game, you take on epic stickman duels using only the most deadly weapons at your disposal. From traditional swords to freeze guns and arrows coated in frost to ice spears that leave opponents breathless, there are many different ways to fight with your sticks. In this physics-based game inspired by classic arcade games like Capcom’s Super Stickman Golf and Sega’s Strikers 1945, you take on waves of stickmen as they attempt to push yours away. Hit them as hard as you can with sticks and projectiles from your arsenal of over 40 unique weapons. Keep an eye out for special orbs that can be used to call in more troops or buy new ones with unique properties such as being invisible or making opponents fall down. You must use all your skills, including timing and strategy. Good luck to you!


How to play Super Stickman Duelist

Using Mouse

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