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Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

Stick Duel is a medieval shooting game with ragdoll physics. It's a 2 player-shooter with hypercasual genre and cartoonish graphics. The gameplay is simple:...

About Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

Stick Duel is a medieval shooting game with ragdoll physics. It's a 2 player-shooter with hypercasual genre and cartoonish graphics. The gameplay is simple: you shoot your opponent, and try to hit his stick. Grab the stick in your hand and use it as weapon! –Unique Stick Duel Gameplay -Your opponents have weapons too! In each match, you have one stick. Use it wisely to block attacks from your opponent or throw it back at him. –Stuck on an idea? Think outside the box and break the rules! Instead of shooting your opponent from directly above, aim vertically to make him fall down below you, making him easier to hit. Or if you prefer to use the strategic approach; find some cover behind rocks or trees and ambush your opponent! –Smooth Gameplay Experience -The controls are easy enough for anyone to learn in only a couple of minutes. You just tap anywhere on the screen to shoot or throw your opponent’s stick while simultaneously dodging any incoming attacks by swiping horizontally across the screen to defend yourself or swiping vertically up or down to climb higher above your opponent’s attack range; it’s that simple! –Epic Medieval Adventure Story -In this epic medieval adventure story, players will unlock many characters and unlock new arenas along with their own personal storyline as they progress through different levels of Stick Duel. –Exciting Battle Scenarios

Stick Duel is a 2-players shoot'em up game with casual fighting mechanics. The player must attack his opponent by shooting arrows on the bottom screen and dodging the attacks of him or her by moving the character in mid air on the top screen. The objective is to knock out your opponent using different techniques and combos. You can unlock new characters, maps, skins, themes and more! A stick figure named Mr Pokey fights against other sticks seemingly at random. Mr Pokey isn’t like other sticks though: He’s not brave, he doesn’t want to be friends with other sticks, and he doesn’t want to find love either. He just wants to be left alone. Maybe that’s why every stick he meets seems determined to make him their friend? Except for one: Mr Pokey’s arch-nemesis Lord Vortext who appears in every battle as a red blob that pops out of nowhere before zapping Mr Pokey with lightning bolts from above. And this is where you come in as Mr Pokey’s sidekick: It’s time to fight back against Lord Vortext and his horde of evil sticks! Stick Duel

Never has two friends been more competitive than in Stick Duel Medieval Wars, a hypercasual shoot-em-up for 2 players! In this physics-based shmup, you and an opponent vent your frustrations by pounding on sticks. Don’t let the cute graphics fool you - this game is pure lethal fun. With accessible controls and a fast pace, it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Through cartoonish style visuals, you don’t even have to look at the rules to understand what’s going on: the main character’s expression tells it all! No matter how many times they die, they keep coming back because they love the game so much. From each stick character to the enemies that appear along the way, everything is lovingly handcrafted with care. The friendly developer behind Stick Duel Medieval Wars works hard every day making sure improvements are made and bug fixes are ironed out so expect new content.

Stick duels have been around for centuries. They’ve evolved as much as the sticks have that make them so exciting to watch. This is a hypercasual stick fighting game set in medieval times. You can play it with two players or against the computer. The goal of the game is simple and fun — disarm your opponent by hitting their stick with yours, except for their ring, which makes them bleed. To do this, you must learn a variety of attacks to use against the opponent’s stick, including quick jabs, high punches and heel kicks — then hit him just right so his arm moves and exposes his weak spot. Be careful though; hitting an opponent too many times may make you lose points as well as bleed

Stick Duel is a real-time multiplayer tower defense game that combines the best of both casual and hardcore gaming worlds. Play against your friends on one device or compete against random players from all over the world. Features: + 2- Players local party gameplay; + Online global matchmaking; + Simple touch controls; + Various game modes such as Stick Battle, Stick Tag, Stick Capture The Flag.

How to play Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

Using Mouse

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