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Hungry Shark Arena

You’ve been cursed, transformed into a shark! Now, fight to the top of the food chain in this frenetic, fast-paced multiplayer game where you must outwit...

About Hungry Shark Arena

You’ve been cursed, transformed into a shark! Now, fight to the top of the food chain in this frenetic, fast-paced multiplayer game where you must outwit and outplay your opponents to become the ultimate shark. Dive into the deep, explore the boundaries of the Hungry Shark universe and hunt down hidden Power Stars in shark-themed arenas. Grow in scale as you battle larger and larger opponents and try to unlock all the playable sharks! The Hungry Shark series has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and has been featured by Apple as a “Best of 2017” game. Hungry Shark Evolution was the first console game to launch on the Steam platform for Android and has been downloaded more than 6 million

You’ve been sharknapped! The shark-filled waters have been overrun by pirates and now you’re their prisoner. But don’t worry, they’ll let you go if you can survive THREE CHAOS-RIDDLING BATTLE ROYALE games! If you’re quick enough and cunning enough, you just might escape. But if you’re eaten by a shark, you’ll never know. This game is one of the best shark games ever! The player is set on a small arena which is surrounded by sharks. The player has to survive three battle royale games. In the first round, the player has to swim to the center of the arena where a big fish (the shark) is located. The player has to fight the shark and avoid being eaten. Once the player has killed all the sharks, the second round starts. The player has to swim to the opposite side of the arena and find the big fish there. This time, the shark is faster, stronger and can attack from multiple sides. The third round starts when the first two rounds are completed. The player has to find and kill the big fish on the opposite side of the arena. 

The ocean is vast and filled with strange and exotic creatures. Some are friendly, like the dolphin. Others are not so nice, like the shark. To survive in the ocean, you must know how to hunt and fish. In this game, you are the shark and you must eat as many fish as you can! But be aware of the human divers because if you eat them, you will gain some useful powers. The catch is that the merrier the divers are, the more powerful the powers. So if you are the shark and want to survive in the ocean, hunt these divers down and eat them before they gain too much power and swim off with your own dorsal fin! This game is a free version of the popular arcade game "Shark Dash" with a new setting and a new enemy to fight: the hungry shark! Features: > Multiplayer mode for 2 players > 5 different sharks to choose from > 3 different game modes (survival, free-for-all, and capture the divers) > Daily rewards and special events > Google Play Game Services integration: leaderboard, achievements, and two player mode with a friend by linking your Google accounts > Hungry Shark Games is the developer of popular games such as "Shark Dash" and "Sharky Splash" If you like this game, check out our other titles such as "Sharky Splash".

The sea is an adversary like no other. Hunger. Cold. Poisonous creatures. Unfriendly tides. But worst of all, other predators. You are the hunter in this game of life and death, and you must eat or be eaten. 

You’ve seen their teeth — now fight as the shark in this epic shark arena game! Players assume the role of the shark and must ruthlessly hunt and attack players on the map. The last player (shark or human) standing

How to play Hungry Shark Arena

Using Mouse

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