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Geometry Dash Maze Maps

The Future of Geometry Dash Maze Maps: Where Geometric Adventures Lead As technology advances, the world of Geometry Dash Maze Maps is poised to evolve.

About Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Embarking on a Geometric Odyssey: Explore the Depths of Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Welcome to the thrilling world of Geometry Dash Maze Maps! Immerse yourself in a realm of vibrant geometric shapes where you control a luminous square character with an infectious smile. Navigate this square through a maze filled with sharp triangles and perilous traps. Your agility and wit will be put to the test as you guide the square through a challenging journey ahead.

How to Play:

  1. Navigate the Maze: Control the luminescent square through a maze filled with sharp triangles and obstacles.
  2. Avoid Traps: Maneuver your square to avoid collision with obstacles and sharp edges.
  3. Timely Jumps: Click or tap quickly to make the square jump, avoiding hazards and obstacles.
  4. Plan: Strategize your movements, foreseeing upcoming challenges to make precise and timely jumps.
  5. Precision and Reflexes: Test your dexterity and agility by swiftly navigating through a maze of dangers.


  • Engaging Gameplay: Enjoy an exhilarating gameplay experience navigating a square character through a maze of geometric obstacles.
  • Challenging Levels: Encounter progressively challenging levels with intricate mazes and obstacles.
  • Reflex Testing: Test your reflexes and agility by reacting swiftly to avoid traps and hazards.
  • Strategic Thinking: Plan your moves to anticipate upcoming obstacles and make precise jumps.
  • Vibrant Geometry: Immerse yourself in a colorful world of geometric shapes and dynamic challenges.

Prepare for an electrifying experience as you guide the luminescent square through a maze of geometric obstacles in Geometry Dash Maze Maps. Sharpen your reflexes, plan your moves, and navigate through a thrilling journey filled with challenges and excitement!

Unveiling the Pinnacle: Floating Maze - A 2.1 Extreme Demon Level

Floating Maze is a solo 2.1 Extreme Demon level created by YoReid. It is the sequel to Falling Maze and considered to be the hardest mini-game-styled level in the game.


  • Floating Maze utilizes the gameplay of platformer video games.
  • The level appears to be a seamless map in nature.
  • The goal of the level is to complete all five main levels without dying.
  • The player must be extremely cautious when traversing through each stage due to the abundance of perilous hazards, and even colliding against a wall will result in death.
  • Each stage is separated by a pitch-black section.


  • Because Floating Maze utilizes two-player controls like many traditional mini-game-based levels in Geometry Dash, the player must perform the following button prompts to control their icon character.
  • The player should also keep in mind that enabling "Flip 2-Player Controls" in the game's settings will reverse the mini-game's controls as well.
Button PromptInteraction
Space Button / Left ScreenMove left
Up Arrow / Right ScreenMove right
Space Button + Up ArrowJump Left, hold to jump higher
Up Arrow + Space ButtonJump Right, hold to jump higher

Embark on this challenging journey through Floating Maze, testing not only your gaming skills but also your ability to master intricate controls in a visually captivating environment.

Unlocking the Mysteries: Answers to FAQs about Geometry Dash Maze Maps

  • What is the map code for Geometry Dash?
  • What is the hardest minigame in GD?
  • What are the rewards for map packs?
  • How do you get maps on Geometry Dash?

For those seeking answers to the mysteries of Geometry Dash Maze Maps, these frequently asked questions provide insights into the codes, challenges, rewards, and the process of obtaining maps within the game.

The Future of Geometry Dash Maze Maps: Where Geometric Adventures Lead As technology advances, the world of Geometry Dash Maze Maps is poised to evolve. With potential updates, new levels, and enhanced features, players can anticipate an even more immersive and challenging experience. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this geometric odyssey, where the future promises excitement, innovation, and endless possibilities.

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