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Erase It

Erase It comes in! This amazing game is an app that removes duplicate photos and videos from your device to make it easier to find what you need. Here’s...

About Erase It

Erase It is a hyper casual single player logic puzzle game. There are no timers, no statistical tracking, and nothing to download. You won’t even need an internet connection once you’ve downloaded it. This amazing game is probably the most simple and accessible puzzle game you will ever play. And with that being said, it isn’t something you would expect from a developer like Big Blue Bubble, Inc. But as Big Blue Bubble has proven time and time again, their games transcend beyond the appearance of the characters or the graphics of the game itself. This game is essentially a digital version of those pencil-and-paper logic puzzles everyone loves so much. Similar to Sudoku or crossword puzzles, players must find the correct position for each number or character on the grid by using basic logic skills and visual pattern recognition to identify which digits or symbols must be found in that specific cell. With only 120 levels across 5 chapters, it isn’t exactly challenging in any way but it makes for a fun and intriguing brain teaser while waiting at home or school for something else to

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Erase It is a puzzle game that will challenge your attention and concentration. You will need to keep an eye on all the elements of the screen at once, or risk losing track of them! This game is a blend of simplicity and challenge. The game is centered around a grid with various objects hidden within it. Your goal is to find them all and erase them in as few steps as possible. Sounds easy? Well, let’s see how fast your brain

This game is a hypercasual, puzzle game. It can be played in one minute with randomly generated levels. In each level, you need to draw a line between two locations. These locations will have different colors and numbers, so you need to think about which path is the quickest way to erase that color or number. The game has simple graphics with only black and white as colours, so it’s perfect for playing on a small

Erase It is a hyper casual puzzle game with a twist: you can’t see the puzzles! Instead, you must listen to the sounds of the environment and use your other senses to figure them out. Can you remember where everything is hidden? Keep reading for more details and an introduction

This one is a unique and challenging puzzle game. The objective of the game is to reveal hidden images by clicking or tapping on them. This amazing game features over 100 handcrafted levels, ranging from being super easy to very difficult. You won’t get bored playing this puzzle.

How to play Erase It

Using Mouse

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