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Daddy Rabbit

How many of you have heard about the story of Little Rabbit who lives in a forest? His name is Fank. He is a very diligent rabbit, with a pure heart. One...

About Daddy Rabbit

How many of you have heard about the story of Little Rabbit who lives in a forest? His name is Fank. He is a very diligent rabbit, with a pure heart. One day, he discovered that the humans had invaded his home and started to build houses around it. After seeing this danger, he decided to leave his home forever in order to not let anyone else find it and hurt it as they had done before. When Fank left his home, nobody could see him or hear from him again. Nobody knew where he went except for one old farmer who used to raise rabbits back in the days. The farmer knew where all the secret places of those rabbit were hiding and that’s why he guided Fank through different mountains until they reached the boundaries of his home again after so many years. When they arrived at their doorstep again, the farmer opened up a secret door that led into an old cellar underneath their house. The farmer told Fank about how long ago someone had left a suitcase there and took everything with them when they left in order to not get found by other people again when they returned one day later on with more people coming back any time will do more harm than good if left alone After hearing this story of Fank’s and what dangers lurked outside his home if somebody ever found out its location, The Old Farmer allowed him into their house in exchange for helping him build defenses against intruders once everyone else abandoned their

A zombie apocalypse has finally arrived, and it’s up to you to help defend your home. Construct a farm, plant seeds, and cultivate your crops as the undead horde approaches! You’ll need to build defenses, grow and breed livestock, research new agricultural techniques, and much more in order to survive this nightmarish twist of fate. Grow a variety of plants, raise rabbits, chickens and pigs, and use the fruits of your labor to upgrade your property. Upgrade pastures with new seeds or plant exotic fruit trees that offer different benefits. Research new farming techniques like drip irrigation or vertical gardening. There are many ways you can ensure your survival in this perilous world! Start out as a small homesteader or expand your farm into an agricultural enterprise as you try to keep the undead at bay… Keep playing for hours of fun! END NIGHTMARISH TWIST OF FATE – End the zombie apocalypse before it ends before it happens with our helpful tips from the creators of Farm Heroes Saga! END NIGHTMARISH TWIST OF FATE> END THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE> END BEFORE IT HAPPENS> END ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE> END BEFORE IT HAPPENS> - END ZOMBIE APOCALYPSES IN 3 MINUTES OR LESS -END THE ZOMBIE

Did you ever want to take care of a cute rabbit and feed him with different kinds of food? Well, today is your lucky day! You got the chance to become a farmer and start taking care of your own little bunny. In this game you play as a rabbit who lives in the country. He has been given some carrots by his kindly owner. These carrots will be the main source of food for your rabbit. The goal is not that hard; it’s just that you need to collect all of them before they run out. As a must-have resource, you need to expand your rabbit’s house so he can have more room for food and place where he can rest easily at night. Have

Rabbit has escaped from the farm and you have to get him back before evening. Search for clues, explore new areas and cleverly use items to help you in your mission. But hurry, it’s getting dark fast! Good luck! - A fun Action-Adventure game perfect for downloading on your phone or PC! - Explore the vast farm environment, find hidden items and solve puzzles along the way! - Discover all endings and unlock 3D Mini Games to complete Rabbit’s

You are a poor farmer who has been forced to leave the city because of a zombie invasion… now you have to stay in the country and protect your crops from the hungry zombies. You have a few weapons at disposal, but what’s really important is that you have your trusty rabbit as ally. Get ready to protect your property.

How to play Daddy Rabbit

Using Mouse

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